Affiliate Frequently Ask Questions

Who can join and what are the requirements?

Regardless of age, sex, education, profession, affiliation, location, you are welcome to join as long as you know how to use computer and internet. Just submit the following:

  1. Filled-up Sales Affiliate Sign-Up Form 
  2. Scanned valid ID (with picture)

What is my job? What will be my designation?

Help us market the products online and offline.

You will be “freelance sales rep” or an “affiliate.” You are not an employee of the company. You will work independently but you will be assigned a sales affiliate code (SAC) registration number that will serve as your ID# with FCL for monitoring & payment purposes.

Is food cart easy to sell, and why?


Food is a necessity. Everyone eats. Filipinos eat 3-6 times a day: breakfast, before lunch snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, and even mid-night snacks.

In 2009, industry estimates show that the country’s different food cart formats – from dimsum, black pearl shakes, burgers, waffles, to rice toppings – rake in more than P1 billion in sales every year.

In 2011 industry reports that food cart still a hot business.

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Advantage vs other business type?

  • Internet Cafe? Capital (10 PCs) 350,000 (high maintenance, replace parts easily) ROI is 1-2 years
  • Water refilling station? Capital: 300,000, ROI is 1-2 years
  • Digital printing shop? 1.5 Million, ROI is 4-5years

Is Foodcartlink's product easy to sell?

Yes. Click here to see the table of comparison vs other offer
How will I market the products?

Majority of investment seekers, be it big or small, nowadays turn to internet to look for potential business with lower risk and capital. This is the reason why most business owners favor internet to capitalized its huge potential for product promotion and marketing. The same reason with FCL where 98% of our clients found us on the internet. This is where we exploit that advantage by helping us dominate the online market for our foodcart products.

Online: (Time to consume is only 20-30 minutes daily, depending on your effort)

  • Use your own blog/website to post product details. If you don’t have one we will give you free website like this
  • Visit other blog/website and post comments, or reply from other comments
  • Use your Facebook account (& other social networking sites) to tag ad image or post message
  • Join forums & discussion boards to post products or reply from other queries
  • Visit online ads (,, etc.) and post products details
  • Send emails to your prospective clients.


  • Word of mouth (relatives, friends, office mates, etc.)
  • Posters, banners, flyers
  • Text/call (take advantage of unlimited offers from telcos)
  • Free ad posting (Buy & Sell ads)

Where will I get the marketing materials?

  1. Browse this website and read FAQs
  2. Get image banner/flyers at
  3. For other request, email [email protected]

How will I get paid, how much, and when will I receive it?

You will be paid no longer than 5 working days after your client paid the down payment. Amount will depend on the foodcart package availed. Payment will be deposited to your bank account or to any remittance centers (net of charges).

Two ways to earn commission

  • a] Direct Sales – You close a sale on your own effort you get commission, plain and simple.
  • b] Referral – Refer clients to us and we will do the rest. For every close sales we made from your referrals you get paid.
Foodcart Package a] Direct Sales
b] Referral
Solo Cart 8% of net sale P500
2in1 Combo Cart 8% of net sale P500
3in1 Combo Cart 8% of net sale P500
Mall Cart 8% of net sale P500
Customized Cart 2% of net sale P500

Potential Earnings

  • P1k-3k/week (part time) up to P15k/month depending on your effort.

I want to know more how this system works

Text us so we can schedule an online chat in Facebook
I'm ready! What's my next step?

  1. Download Affiliate Sign-Up Form
  2. Fill-up & sign then email together with scanned valid ID (with picture) to [email protected]