Frequently Ask Questions

What is my assurance that your company is legal?
We have applicable and valid business registration and permits. Copy of business papers are available upon request.

Is this a Franchise System?
No. Our offer is not a franchise but a "Build-Operate" scheme. You don’t need a franchising system for this very simple foodcart business where products are very easy to prepare. Hence, you save a big part of your investment paying for franchising fee, royalty fee, renewal fee, and all other recurring fees. You will not be tied with numerous restrictions and terms & conditions. You have all the freedom to apply your own marketing skills to sell your product.

Are the product logo posted in your website, registered with IPOPhil?
No, we design those logos as suggestions to our clients, they can use them freely.

Why is your Foodcart Business Package cheap?

  • Reason 1: Our offer is not for franchise.
  • Reason 2: The company’s mark-up is small, but if we sell more, we earn more.
  • Reason 3: We get the best deals from suppliers/manufacturers.
  • Reason 4: We are lean and mean. We use all our time and resources efficiently.

Do you have any fees other than what is posted on your website?
No, except additional request from clients like delivery, crating, cart customization, and the likes.

What are the Terms of Payment?
Fifty percent (50%) down payment upon submission of application form for foodcart package.  The remaining balance will be paid two (2) days before cart release schedule. Full payment for business kits.

Up to what extent is your after-sales support?
As long as our clients need them.

What is your advantage vs foodcart package offered by competitors?
On the same price range, our cart is already "mall-quality" not the small cheap-looking collapsible others are offering. We also include all necessary equipment, utensils, and wares (except freezer for perishable items).

How many clients do you have?
We already delivered to hundreds of clients nationwide.

Are you a networking company?

Do you provide food sampling?
No. All the products that we will provide comes from legitimate and reliable suppliers - not necessarily the cheapest, but the best in terms of food taste, quality, and affordability. However, you can visit our clients near your area to taste the products and see the actual operations.

Are the product pricing competitive?
Yes. All products we offer have a profit margin of 70%-90%. We will provide complete costing and pricing computations, and you can change the price accordingly.

What is my assurance of product continuity?
We will provide the most reliable supplier, and backup suppliers if needed. They are in the food business for a long time now.

What is the profit margin?
Around 80% on average. For example, if the selling price is P10, direct cost is only P5.50.

Can I get my products from other suppliers? Can I put other items inside the cart?
Yes. We have no restrictions.

How long is the ROI (return of investment)?
There is no specific time frame, ROI may vary since several factors to consider like rentals, foot traffic, overhead cost, etc., but on average it's between 3-4 months. To view Profit Margin and ROI computation click here

How to place product re-order?
After our initial products, we will also give you contact details of our main suppliers so you can get all the products directly at a much lower price with short lead time. However, we can also arrange and consolidate your orders but fees will apply and with a lead time of at least 2 weeks.

  • Metro Manila delivery charge depends on the distance and total amount ordered.
  • Luzon area delivery is bus terminal to terminal, delivery charge to terminal + bus fee will be shouldered by the client.
  • Visayas and Mindanao delivery is by air or sea. Freight collect.

I don’t have the location yet, who will provide?
We can refer you to our list of available locations. You will have to negotiate directly with the lessor.

And the crew?
You will have to provide your service crew. At least someone you know and trust because a big part of your foodcart business’ success will come from the efforts of your crew.

How many sales crew do I need? And their salary?
It depends on the daily volume of customers. You can start with one. As per BMBE incentives, a capitalization of below P3 Million is not covered by minimum wage law. It’s your discretion, but the salary should be fair and reasonable.

Do you provide crew training?
No need. All of the food concept we offer is very easy to prepare. The instructional materials (video and manuals) we provide are very easy to follow. This will save you and your crew time and resources.

Do you allow same concept on same or nearby location?
Although we are not compelled to disallow clients from putting foodcart on their preferred location, we discourage them to place it a few meters or within the vicinity of the same concept of previous client to prevent direct competition from the same customers. Except when the location is inside big establishments like malls, supermarkets, buildings, etc. where foot traffic is huge.

Is the Foodcart Package available outside Manila?
Yes. The foodcart package will be delivered anywhere in the Philippines (client will shoulder the shipping fee).

How will you deliver the foodcart package?

  • Metro Manila & Nearby Provinces – rate depends on the distance.
  • Rest of Luzon – via Trucking or cargo forwarder (rate depends on the distance).
  • Visayas & Mindanao – via sea cargo** (8-15 days), freight collect. Cost is approx. P4,000 and P5,000 respectively.

**If your location is not-serviceable for door-to-door, cargo will be claimed to the nearest port in your area.

How soon can I start my foodcart operation?
Provided that your location is ready, you can start in 2 weeks. In Visayas and Mindanao area, additional shipping days above.

Can I sell other products in my foodcart?
Yes. We encourage you to do so to maximize the profitability of your rented space.

Can I customized my cart?
Yes, but price will depend on your specifications.

Do you give discounts for repeat foodcart purchase?
Yes, but very minimal since the package price is already the lowest possible price we can give.

Can I move my cart to other location?
Yes, but you have to inform us so we can check if we have existing clients on your target location.

If I stop operation, do I have to return the foodcart package?
No, it’s yours. You can use the cart for other purpose.

This is my first time to venture into foodcart business, is it hard?
Majority (95%) of our clients are first-timers. The operation is easy, the learning curve is short. We will provide video and manuals.

How to process my business permits and registrations?
It’s easy for Single Proprietorship. You can get all documents (DTI, Bgy. Clearance, Mayor’s Permit, BIR) in 2-3 days. Here's how.

I want to start now, what’s the next step?
We can process your foodcart application online or you can visit our office. Click here for the procedure.

For more questions, please contact us