Payroll System


Employee – 201, month/day rate, shift, history, photo, login, SL/VL, etc.

DTR (reads 3rd party e-DTR)

  • Auto, semi, manual
  • Absent, late/UT, overtime, ND, holiday, restday, leave

Payroll Processing

  • Customized setting for your requirements
  • Compute all types of overtime, SSS, PhilHealth, PagIbig, W/Tax
  • Auto deduct loans on schedule (cash adv., sss, home, etc.)
  • Global or individual setting
  • Reports (pay summary, payslip, remittances, etc.)

All reports can be exported to Excel

Clean interface, easy to use, intuitive

Price: P9,990 (one time payment, no recurring fees)

FREE 30 days software trial – no restrictions! Email at [email protected]


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