Referral Agent

Do you know someone (friends, relatives, officemates, churchmates, club members, etc.) who are interested to put-up a foodcart business?

Refer them to us and get P1,000 for every successful referrals — as simple as that! Interested?

Fill-up this form and wait for your referral registration number (RRN):

Where to get clients?

Step 1: Use your Facebook and start from your KKK (Kaibigan, Kakilala, Kamag-anak).

Step 2: If they show interest, forward to us your RRN and Name & CP# of your client, and we will do the rest.

We will inform you once the sale is successful and the schedule of your payment.

Learn what you are selling to earn more

  • Familiarized the product you are selling, click here for the list and detailed information
  • Read our FAQs since 95% of questions from your prospective clients were already answered there
  • If you close a sale on your own, we will give you 8% commission!

This is not a networking or MLM program, if you refer someone to be a referral agent too, then bless you! You are also helping someone to earn!

Need more clarifications?

Send email to [email protected]