Hotdogs on Stick, Sandwich & Rice Foodcart

Hotdogs are cooked sausages and can be grilled, steamed or fried. These are served either on stick, in a sliced hotdog bun as a sandwich or most of the time in a rice as “ulam”. Hotdogs are best with different garnishes.

In our concept, we made a little twist and we are sure we are offering the very rare concept with Hotdogs as we carry different types of hotdogs, cooking procedures and dressings with affordable prices.

Package Price: P43,000


  • Mall-Quality Cart (4.8ft x 2.8ft x 7ft)
  • Rice Cooker
  • Electric Stove
  • Steamer Portable 2-Layer
  • Grill Tray Reversible
  • Deep Fryer
  • Food Display
  • Juice Tower with Faucet
  • Containers, Utensils, Wares
  • Initial Inventory
  • Crew Uniform
  • Video Training & Operations Manual
  • Costing and Pricing Formula
  • Promo Banner


  • Hotdogs (Regular, Cheesedog, Jumbo, King, Chic N Chiz,
    German Franks, Premium Franks & Footlong)
  • All hotdogs served on stick, sandwich or rice
  • Customer’s choice if grilled, steamed or deep fried
  • Apple/Red Iced Tea, other drinks preferred by client
  • SRP: P22-74/serving

Other Package

  • Business Kit (same inclusions as above no cart) = P21,000
  • Kiosk/Mall Cart = contact us for best offer
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