Kiosk Mall Cart (High End)

The cart specifications:

  • High-end built, conforms to leading mall standards
  • Main body (with wheels) : 6ft x 3ft x 7ft
  • Back panel: 6ft x 1.5ft x 3ft with storage box
  • Formica finish
  • Shelf with 2 layers
  • Cabinets with lock & key
  • Drawers with lock & key
  • Aluminum frames
  • Sticker on sintra board design of cart’s main body and Back panel
  • Sticker over Acrylic on Signage and Menu
  • Glass panel sneeze guard
  • Polycarbonate roof
  • Lighted sign, body and ceiling
  • Electricals (submeter, circuit breaker, outlets, extension wire)

Package starts at P88,000, depending on the food concepts you want to go along with this cart.

Note: Minimal charges for the installation of sub-meter, circuit breaker, outlets, and extension wire.