Siomai & Siopao Foodcart

Siomai (pork dumplings) & Siopao (steamed buns) are two of the very well-known asian steamed dishes. Siomai, filled with ground pork, is normally dipped in a soy sauce with squeezed calamansi juice and a chili-garlic oil added to the sauce. Siopao, on the other hand, is filled with sweet & barbecued pork and best with an asado sauce.

We are offering the same product concept as others but with us, you don’t need to mess yourself up. What we provide is a ready-made frozen siomai and siopao. You only need to steam the products using the provided steamer.

Package Price: P37,000


  • Mall-Quality Cart (4.8ft x 2.8ft x 7ft)
  • Glass Type Electric Steamer (4 layers)
  • Heavy Duty Heater
  • Juice Container
  • Utensils & Wares
  • Initial Inventory
  • Crew Uniform
  • Operations Manual
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Promo Banner


  • Siopao Asado
  • Siomai (Pork, Japanese & Sharksfin)
  • Other varieties of Siopao like Bola-Bola, Mini-Pao, etc.
  • Other varieties of Siomai like Chicken, Beef, etc.
  • Gulaman Juice, other drinks preferred by client
  • SRP: P20-25/serving

Other Package

  • Business Kit (same inclusions as above no cart) = P13,000
  • Kiosk/Mall Cart = contact us for best offer
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Got Questions?

Do you provide food sampling?
No. All the products that we will provide comes from legitimate and reliable suppliers – not necessarily the cheapest, but the best in terms of food taste, quality, and affordability. Read more