Why Foodcart Business is Top Choice

10 Reasons why food cart business is a top choice of start-up entrepreneurs:

  1. Carts require small capital
  2. Carts have low space rental cost and easy to get a location (needs only 2-3 sqm)
  3. Carts are easy to launch
  4. Carts are easier to manage and operate
  5. Carts are easy to transfer if the location is not good.
  6. Carts need only 1 to 2 sales staff
  7. Carts have low maintenance cost
  8. Carts are ideal for businesses offering limited products.
  9. It is easy to expand or duplicate a cart business
  10. Faster ROI (return of investment) of 2-4 months

But… a food cart owner must:

  • Love the products he/she is selling.
  • Be willing, committed, and dedicated to manage.
  • Know basic management and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Be self motivated with selling initiatives.
  • Have a capacity to invest in a small business.
  • Have local knowledge of the area where you want to set up.